Monday, July 12, 2010

Julian's NFCT patch on CentOS

Recently I had to add Netfilter connection tracking support for IPVS to my LVS directors, after reading:

After few long hours of failures I came up with a small build script for this purpose only, for all of you that trying to patch Centos with Julian's NFCT patch I pasted the script here:



Golan :)


Golan Zakai said...

on centos 5.5 they fix PBR + ipvs problems :>

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

sed -e "s,#\% define buildid,\%define buildid .nfct,g" |

to not confuse it with the stock kernel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Golan, i have a problem with your script. When i run into my linux box i have this errors:

+ cp '/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-2.6.18/linux-2.6.18.i686/configs/*' /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES
cp: cannot stat `/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-2.6.18/linux-2.6.18.i686/configs/*': No such file or directory